Podcast 193 — Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Deadpool, Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2, Cabin Fever (2016), Frankenstein (2015), Extinction


The zombies just keep coming!

An overly warm & sweaty greeting to you, dear listener, on this auspicious date of 4/20. Thank you so much for choosing to spend time listening to our groovy hosts Mark & Jerry as they exhale yet another smoky episode of The Horror Movie Show.

Starting with the gorgeous period piece Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, this take-off of the Jane Austen classic sticks close to the original except with lots of shambling, rambling undead corpses. That muffled banging you hear is Miss Austen trying to claw her way out of the casket.

deadpoolThe remarkably funny & violent Deadpool is being touted as the first adult superhero movie. Regardless, Ryan Reynolds does a terrific job as the mercenary who is forced to become an indestructible mutant in one of the most entertaining comic book movies in a while. Compared to Batman v Superman, Deadpool is light, bright & fun to watch.

the-hunger-games-mockingjay-part-2-759The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 finally wraps up this long-winded & over-serious series aimed at a tween audience of would-be revolutionaries. Jennifer Lawrence has proven she’s a good actress, but not in these movies.

cabinfeverThe remake of Eli Roth‘s first big hit — Cabin Fever — could leave you feeling as if you have come down with a mysterious illness that causes the eyes & ears to bleed. Though Roth produced this faithful adaptation of his original script, it seems an exercise in movie-making merely to make money.

frankenstein2015_2-1600x900-c-defaultBernard Rose‘s 2015 version of Frankenstein has some top-grade actors (Danny Huston & Carrie-Anne Moss), some tried & true horror favourites (Tony Todd) & even creates some sympathy for Adam (Xavier Samuel), the unloved monster. But the best parts of the movie are all in the first act & by the end it slips away into a trivial effort.

Extinction (2015) stars Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Donovan & Quinn McCoigan as a trio of survivors of a zombie plague that has morphed into a different kind of apocalypse. This could be called a creature feature, a zombie movie or even a psychologically fraught family flick. One of the better recent efforts in the overused zombie canon.


And to wrap things up for this episode, Jerry & Mark discuss the first issue of a new comic book series titled We Kill the Dead, the creative team headed by fellow Crypt member & horror supremo John Lepper. The story involves a young woman newly recruited to a sort of Men in Black organization that takes on the likes of Jack the Ripper & other well-known movie bad guys. Lots of famous villains here! And there! Oh no, there’s villains everywhere!