Podcast 194 — Hidden, The 5th Wave, The Veil, Howl, Regression, Dudes & Dragons, Unnatural

hiddenWhat is Hidden should be uncovered

A jolly day to you all! Welcome to a newly opened & well-lubricated episode of The Horror Movie Show, driven by those jocular jerks Jerry & Mark. Plenty of reviews this time around & some of the movies are pretty good.

First up is Hidden, starring Alexander Skarsgard, Andrea Riseborough & Emily Alyn Lind as a family hiding out after what sounds suspiciously like yet another in a long line of zombie apocalypses. But wait! This dark, fascinating film takes the shambling undead & turns them on their heads. Quite a trick.

5thWaveThe 5th Wave stars the always lovely Chloe Grace Moretz as a teenager who must battle an invading horde of alien creature hell-bent on doing unpleasant things to us poor humans. Not unlike the endless horde of zombie movies, the teen-battles-evil theme is overused & often tired. Did we mention that Chloe is lovely?

theVeilAnother pretty gal stars in The Veil, a gruesome take on a Jonestown-style cult & its self-destruction. The best thing about this movie is Thomas Jane as Jim Jacobs; he’s almost unrecognizable & great fun to watch. Jessica Alba stars as the pretty gal.

howl2015′s Howl is a good British take on werewolves, with a stranded train in the middle of nowhere & a lot of very frightened passengers. Directed by Paul Hyett, this is a fun movie about a short trip gone awry.

RegressionGood ol’ Ethan Hawke stars in yet another in a string of horror movies — Regression — this time as a detective trying to figure out what nastiness happened to a young woman at the hands of a coven of Satanists. Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson is all grown up & troubled by her shady memories of abuse at the hands of the Beëlzebubbas.

And finally a pair of flicks that may or may not suit everyone’s taste. Dudes & Dragons is a humorous take on sword & sorcery stories. Unnatural is a not-funny story of DNA-meddling & polar bears. Oh, those darn scientists!

So please remember, dear listeners, to keep your arms & legs inside the car at all times & enjoy The Horror Movie Show. Are you ready? Then here we go….