Podcast 197 — Cooties, Hangman, Broken, Anomalisa, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, Hardcore Henry, Amnesiac


What do you mean Cooties?

Greetings, dear listener. We are unbelievably happy to present another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by sweaty Mark & Jerry. This week features reviews of seven movies, all new excepting one from England. Perhaps the Brexit vote has dragged the Brits back in time.

We start with Cooties (2014), a light-hearted zombie romp featuring undead children attempting to feed on the still-living bodies of their teachers. Not so very different from real life. This horror-comedy features Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson & Saw writer/actor Leigh Whannell.

brokenNext up is a pair of video nasties from the occasionally brilliant Adam Mason & Simon Boyes. Hangman (2016) stars Jeremy Sisto & Kate Ashfield as parents who have an unwanted & ultra-nosy visitor in their home. Following that is the older movie already mentioned, Broken (2006), about a man who kidnaps women, tests them in a thoroughly unpleasant manner & then forces them to live with him in the woods. was never this bad.

anomalisaWriter & co-director Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, among others) presents another surreal story — Anomalisa (2015) — about a jaded man in a frustratingly dull world who meets a fascinating gal. The oddest thing is that the characters are puppets. A unique movie.

da-sweet-blood-of-jesusAnother well-known director, Spike Lee, takes the plunge into the horror genre with Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014), a vampire tale with a distinctly African feel. Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) has a worthwhile supporting role.

HardcoreHenry_1-WEBMore fun than it has a right to be, Hardcore Henry (2016) is similar to watching a first-person shooter game. With a camera attached to Henry’s head, we watch him from the moment he wakes up on an operating table, a man with no memories at all. Horribly mangled & dead, he has been brought back to life as a super-soldier. A very good sci-fi flick, with the always watchable South African actor Sharlto Copley in multiple, hilarious roles.

amnesiacFinally, Wes Bentley & Kate Bosworth star in Amnesiac (2015). This too is a story about a guy waking up with no memory of his past life & a beautiful woman claiming to be his wife. This film could be compared to Memento, though not as heavy-handed.

Here’s hoping nobody spontaneously combusts while listening to this episode. It is getting hot here & the magnificent Splutt Building has no air conditioning. Excuse me while I join the rest of the staff in the rusty shower cubicle in the basement. Cheers!