Podcast 199 — Green Room, Suicide Squad, Capt. America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Gods of Egypt, After Hours (1985), Sausage Party, Southbound, They Look Like People, Mark of the Witch, more

green-room-review-header-graphicGreen Room is a hellish good time

Greetings to all & sundry from the wide open road that stretches before us till we hit the final pot-hole of death. Currently residing in a not-quite-ancient recreational vehicle far, far away from the mighty Splutt Building HQ of The Horror Movie Show, we bring you episode #199, a milestone in podcasting history. Packed with horrific goodness, if this one doesn’t convince you to listen nothing will.

Your road-weary hosts, Mark & Jerry, begin their tirade with writer/director Jeremy Saulnier‘s excellent Green Room. The claustrophobic tale of a socially progressive punk rock band trapped in the hell of a backwoods skinhead murder hole will no doubt make this year’s Top 10 list. It is an exciting & satisfying follow-up to Saulnier’s Blue Ruin, another Top 10 pick. Star Anton Yelchin amply demonstrates why we miss him.

captainamericacivilwar_trailer2A trio of super-hero movies follows, including the sad Suicide Squad, overstuffed Captain America: Civil War & the sadly boring X-Men: Apocalypse. All three represent good reason why big-budget comic book flicks should be sealed in plastic & shelved till a worthwhile story is found. So much talent, so much money, so much dross.

gods-of-egyptDirector Alex Proyas‘s much anticipated Gods of Egypt is next discussed. An absolute treat for the eyes, this tale of men & giant gods recalls the fun of Clash of the Titans. A bit more story depth would be appreciated, but this one is pure movie fun.

fhd985afh_teri_garr_028Next up is the great & unique late-night thriller After Hours (1985). Directed by arguably the greatest living film director, Martin Scorsese, this story of an ordinary guy trapped in an extraordinary vortex of crazy blondes & Soho nightlife is a comedy of the blackest sort. Cannot recommend it enough.

Seth Rogen & the usual stoner crew depress carnivores & vegetarians alike as all items in a supermarket come to life only to realize the horrors awaiting them if they are chosen to come home with the humans. Often funny, this feature-length cartoon attempts to plumb the depths of philosophical angst. Not suitable for children or those with a hunger for normality.

maxresdefaultOne of the best episodic scary flicks in recent years, Southbound features an eclectic mix of actors including horror stalwarts Maria Olsen & Larry Fessenden, as well as comedian Dana Gould. Absolutely superb. Another excellent little movie is writer-director Perry Blackshear‘s They Look Like People. A wonderfully paranoid romp inside the mind of a man on the verge of becoming a raging psycho, this little-known movie is very well done. Next is a quick review of another Maria Olsen movie, Mark of the Witch (aka Another). Olsen is having a hell of a year.mark-of-the-witch-2-600x390

Finally, the guys drive over a trio of big-budget blockbusters: Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book & The Legend of Tarzan. Can you say overkill?

When next Jerry & Mark chatter like goons, it will be the 200th episode of The Horror Movie Show. Tune in for some wacky special features & a chilling announcement about the future of this here podcast. Cheers all.