Podcast 200 — The Walking Dead S07, The Shallows, In the Deep, Lights Out, DOOMED!, Don’t Breathe, Swiss Army Man, Abattoir, Approaching the Unknown, Cell, Coherence; guilty pleasures, absolute best & absolute worst

jerrymarkThe last smoking Horror Movie Show

Holiday greetings, one & all. Thank you for noticing what will be the final episode of The Horror Movie Show. Though the program may return an the occasional scribbled message hidden inside a stale donut (particularly after our hosts Jerry & Mark (left & right above) are led whimpering into a Trump Brand Concentration Vacation Camp™ by jackbooted banking assistants), it is unlikely the likes of this particular show will be heard again.

It has been a pleasure & an honour to know there were people — seemingly intelligent & rational people — listening to the rambling discourse of a pair of whackos. Mark & Jerry could not be more flattered or grateful. Thank you to all our listeners over the seven years The Horror Movie Show was out there, disseminating misinformation & haphazard opinions. Heres hoping this extra-long episode will offer something fun for everyone. Especially fans of liberal rants.

neganThe guys begin with some jibber-jabber about season 7 of The Walking Dead, with lots of spoilers (but only up to & including episode 5). After that, there is discussion of nasty shark movies The Shallows & In the Deep. Enjoyable but standard spookfest Lights Out follows.

doomedA bit of a chinwag about DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four, a fun & funny documentary about the last low-budget entry in the Marvel movie universe. Suspenseful backwards-home-invastion flick Don’t Breathe is next, with the fine Western In a Valley of Violence next. Yes, a Western, but directed by horror vet Ti West.

swiss-army-man-featuredReviews follow of Swiss Army Man (pictured), Abattoir, Approaching the Unknown, Stephen King flick Cell & the odd Coherence.

Of course, the guys must rant for a while about the gross political horror hanging over all our heads like a greedy, dull-witted scimitar. Specifically, the Trump creature. Yet the guys eventually get over that & talk about other, more socially accepted horror. Jerry & Mark offer up their Guilty Pleasures, Absolute Best and Absolute Worst horror movies. (Pictured: Nekromantik.)nekromantik

Mark & Jerry thank a few dozen people & toss in a few worthwhile plugs for friends Allan Plenderleith, Weiman Seid, Nick Hunt & John Muscarnero. Some horror industry celebrity names are dropped. And a final farewell is made.

Thank you all again. We sign off & ask only that you are not eaten. Cheers.